Zerilli Crime Family

The Zerilli crime family maintains a strangle hold on organized crime in Detroit.

Power Structure

  • Boss: Anthony “Tony Z” Zerilli: grandfather to Marco and Rocco McQueen, he regained control of the family since his release from prison in 2005. His brother and sons hold important positions of power. Over 80 years old it is rumored he intended Angelo Zerilli to succeed him. He and his Consigleire were busted in 2011.
  • Consigliere: Dominic “Uncle Dom” Tocco: a survivor of generational struggles in the 1980s and one of the few to retain his position when Tony made his return, Dominic was known for his obesity and arthritic gait due to a fake leg. He has been arrested and is awaiting trial.
  • Under Boss: Rocco Zerilli: The Under Boss was known to be unhappy. Once a step away from being Boss himself, he was surprised when his brother made a forceful comeback, ousting Jack Tocco and making himself Boss. Rocco McQueen is this man’s namesake. Rocco apparently decided to take a chance in trying to off Tony. Now he is dead.
  • Capos:
    • Angelo Zerilli: Angelo had his hands in all sorts of business from numbers to extortion to drugs. Marco’s work technically fell under his dominion though usually Joseph Zerilli, his son was the one to deal with him. He has been committed, driven insane by the fae.
    • Felicio Zerilli: Angelo’s brother, Felicio handles extortion and drug distribution through the local gangs. Currently he has his hands full with an insubordinate called the Reds.
    • Vito Giacalone: runs drug and gun smuggling operations at the harbor
  • Soldiers and Associates:


Criminal Concerns

American Beauties

An escort service whose pimps are in the pay of Motorcity Casino and whose whores are hooked on the Crossroads gang’s drugs. They serve high end clientele and had damning evidence (drug use and prostitution) on Police Chief Dante O. Caldwell. Thanks to this the Mob was essentially free of police interference and can sick the cops on rival organizations.

Aspen Imports

On the face of it a shipping firm connecting Detroit to suppliers in Canada and other ports in the Midwest. Its criminal activities are fairly minor: marijuana smuggling, weapons smuggling, and money laundering. It is “run” primarily by Joseph Zerilli, neckless cousin of Marco, under Capo Vito Giacalone.

Assets include several warehouses, a main office in a downtown high rise, and several ships. Its nominal boss is Kristine McCollum (age 55), third generation owner. She is relatively clueless as most of the operation is handled by Kenneth McCollum (age 22), her irresponsible son.


A mysterious gang moving drugs into Detroit. Goods always picked up by the Mob at a designated location. A solitary member picks up payment. Known members are Mr. Frag, Ms. Stiletto, and Mr. Staples. Code names and faces do not always match.

McQueen Automotives

Handled the mobs cars, mostly in terms of fixing up dings and bullet holes, repairing interiors, and losing cars. In exchange they left Marco’s dad alone.

Motorcity Casino

One of several casinos in Detroit, all of which are influenced by the Mob. Personally overseen by Angelo Zerilli, he even has a position on the executive board. Major money laundering hub and watched by several Federal organisations. Thanks to local corruption the Feds have been thwarted in getting anything substantial.

The Day to day operations are overseen by James Sherwood (age 45, overweight smoker).

Zerilli Crime Family

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