The Court

The Court of Jewels

Structured like a gentleman’s club (though not limited to men) with an unhealthy touch of high school cliquishness, this group could loosely be called a Guild. Its members dominate social functions of all sorts and count most luminaries of the Market among their number.

New Merit: Court Status (1 to 5 dots)

Members of the Court gain certain benefits as well as acquiring the look if not the power of aristocracy. Each member styles themselves as a Duke or Countess.

Each level of the merit gives a bonus in addition to a bonus to Social rolls with Court members.

  • 1 dot: the character gains a +1 bonus to Socialize rolls.
  • 2 dots: due to their connections they gain or improve the Harvest Merit at 1 dot.
  • 3 dots: they gain 2 dots to spend between Allies and Contacts.
  • 4 dots: they gain the Thief of Fate merit as even Wyrd becomes their ally.
  • 5 dots: they reduce the number of Doors for Social manipulation by 1.


Ruling a group of would-be kings and queens is an uncertain affair, changing with the seasons.

The Court

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