Vadoma Shishkova Callaghan

Romani, Mother of Miroslav and Nicole


A beautiful dark haired woman with a touch of the exotic about her, Vadonna speaks with a slight Russian accent. She accents her wardrobe with stereotypical Gypsy elements to improve business.


Vadonna was born in New England, the child of Russian immigrants. Raised on the stories of her people and their homeland, she followed in her parents theatrical pursuits.

It was while on the road, that she met Aiden Callaghan. They were both acting in the same musical, some story involving a con-man and a marching band. It was love at first sight. They soon married and traveled together for years until Miroslav was born.

Aiden arranged for his family in Detroit to help his new family while he continued to travel for work. Vadonna wasn’t completely accepted by them but they grudgingly helped her and her children.

She still worries about her daughter Nicole Callaghan but has left the subject of her strangeness alone. She is relieved that her husband remains free though he had to lay low for several years after the problems with a private detective named Elias Brown.

After some trouble with the Zerilli’s, she was bailed out by her children and convinced by them to move to Austin to live with her husband. She has opened a new shop there.

Vadoma Shishkova Callaghan

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