Ruzena Yezhov


Seemingly a beautiful fair haired Russian woman, behind her Mask Ruzena’s hair is perpetually damp and her skin is speckled with scales. Her hands are webbed and her blue eyes seem endlessly deep.


Ruzena was sent by the Queen of Shadows to watch over Rory McQueen and his children. She came to love him in her own twisted way. But she is a Rusalka, a Russian fairy that leads men to their doom.

She seems to have left a string of corpses behind her including two husbands. She’s been a bit sloppy about it too. A known oathbreaker, she owed the Queen of Shadows.

Thanks to the McQueen children, the FBI was tipped off and she was arrested. She escaped to plot her revenge.

15 years later she returned and began laying a trap for the Queen with the help of her fetch Evelina McQueen.

Rocco McQueen convinced her to stop, explaining that if she lived it would hurt the Queen more. Amazingly she agreed. She traded away her murderous impulses and past hate and joined Rocco’s fledgling guild.

She nearly met her doom being struck by a truck saving Rocco. Though severely injured, she has since recovered.

Ruzena Yezhov

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