Nicole "Nikki" Callaghan

Art Connoisseur and Procurement Specialist


irene.pngNikki is a svelte woman in elegant fashions. She is surveys the world from cold eyes, which her smiles rarely reach. She has lived in France and other european locals as the talented artist Yvette Mirage whose paintings fetch a nice living, but the works of Masters hang from her walls. They must be excellent copies as they are known to hang in museums. Nikki smirks at this observation.

As a child, Nikki traded away her attachments for greater skill in art. The Hedge has changed her. Things she touches seem to be brushed with a vibrant colored paint, which fades over a short time. She smells of sweet earth and rich oils and has the luminous look of a renaissance painting… with the brush strokes to match. Like the Girl with the Pearl Earring or the Mona Lisa, she seems to be smiling even when she is not.

Virtue: Creative Vice: Unemotional Wyrd: 3 Experience: 0
Willpower: 4 Health: 7 Integrity: 6
Size: 5 Speed: 10 Initiative: 6 Defense: 5


Mental Physical Social
Power Intelligence 3 Strength 2 Presence 2
Finesse Wits 3 Dexterity 3 Manipulation 3
Resistance Resolve 2 Stamina 2 Composure 2


Mental Physical Social
Academics 1 Athletics (climbing) 2 Animal Ken 1
Crafts 2 Firearms 1 Empathy No 10-again 0
Investigation 1 Larceny (security systems) 9-again 4 Expression (copying, painting) 3
Occult 1 Stealth (moving in darkness) 9-again 3 Persuasion + Glamour 1
Politics 1 Survival 1 Socialize 2
Streetwise (rumors) 9-again 1
Subterfuge 9-again 2


Motley Pledge ?
Mantle Court of Jewels, rank 1: Plus one to Socialize rolls.
Unemotional No 10-agains on Empathy, Persuasion, or Socialize
Danger Sense (2) +2 to Wits + Composure to detect ambush.
Sleight-of-Hand (2) One Larceny-based instant action reflexively, unnoticed unless someone is actively trying to catch her
Hedge Gate Sense (1) When trying to find one’s way out of the Hedge, you take half the normal time. Outside the Hedge you notice an active gateway with a reflexive Wits + Wyrd roll.
Alternate Identity (3) The identity of Yvette Mirage passes serious inspection. +2 to Subterfuge rolls involving the identity.
Interdisciplinary (1) Her painting specialty can be applied to any roll it logically supports.
Language & Multilingual (2) Fluent in French. Conversational skills with Italian and Russian.
Professional Training – Thief (4) Contacts with Fences and Suppliers. Professional skills are Larceny, Stealth, and Streetwise and get 9 agains and earn a beat for each professional skill point.
Resources (2) She has a Paris apartment and a moped, but she is ready to move at a moments notice with cash from art sales and… other enterprises.
Striking Looks (1) +1 to social rolls when looks play a part.
h2. Kith
The Artist Things she touches seem to be brushed with a vibrant colored paint, which fades over a short time. This includes her face, clothing, and dog. Her hands remain clean. 8-agains to create art, may spend Glamour to change a success into an exceptional success.
Flowering She smells of sweet earth and rich oils and has the luminous look of a renaissance painting… with the brush strokes to match. Benefit of 9-agains to Persuasion, Socialize, and Subterfuge.


Fairest May spend Glamour to to improve dice pools with Presence, Manipulation, or Persuasion. Suffers -1 die penalty on dice pools to Integrity rolls.


The Wrong Foot (Smoke 1) Change the nature of the marks left when she passes. No roll. 1 Glamour or leave thumb print on a mirror.
Nevertread (Smoke 2) Leave no trace. (Intelligence + Wyrd) 1 Glamour, spend 1 hour barefoot.
Shadowpatch (Smoke 3) +3 bonus to Stealth roll. (Wits + Wyrd) 1 Glamour, 1 hour away from natural light.
Riddle-Kith (Mirror 1) Takes on the features of a seeming or kith of her choice until the next sunrise or sunset. Manipulation + Wyrd. 1 Glamour or dine with that Changeling type within the past week.
Skinmask (Mirror 2) Alters one body part to resemble another person. Stamina + Wyrd. 1 Glamour or steal an object of the individual used as a templet.
Transfigure the Flesh (Mirror 3) Change the size of her body. Stamina + Wyrd. 1 Glamour or steal garment of wrong size.



EXP Gained
Session 1 1
Session 2 1
Session 3 0.4
Session 4 0.4
Session 5 2
Session 6 0.4
Session 7 1
Session 8 1
Session 9 0.3
Session 10 1.1
Session 11 1
Session 12 1
Session 13 1
Session 14 1
Session 15 0.4
Session 16 1
Session 17 2
EXP Spent
Hedge Gate Sense 1
Investigation (1) 2
Manipulation (3) 4
Age Up ~13
Professional Training 1
Wyrd (3) 1
Stealth (3) 1
Mirror (3) 2
Eye for the Loot 1

natalie-dormer-.jpg Nikki keeps bohemian hours and is connected with both the art and underground scene.


  • Call on the Court of Jewels
  • Stop Miroslav “Mir” Callaghan from rewriting her personal history
  • Destroy the Quill of Time or the Book
  • Help save Charlie Cobwebs
  • What caused the darkness in the Asylum
  • Find a weakness in a True Fey
  • Track down Hedge
  • Save Mr. Skittles
  • Regain her Attachments
  • Find her lost attachments
  • Relieve Mob pressure from Mom
  • Steal diamonds with Maeve Sheely
  • Figure out what the people after Miroslav “Mir” Callaghan really want
  • Help Rocco McQueen create a Hedgenet connection
  • Discover a weakness of Feral Tom, Lord of Cats
  • Determine how far she can trust Mir
  • Learn to paint Hedge Doors
  • Utilize Maeve Sheely to investigate Mob
  • Avoid personal blow-back from time-traveler’s blood
  • Determine how far she can trust Marco
  • Re-connect with her mother to gauge attachment
  • Connect with art scene under alias to provide cover
  • Recognize the loss of her relationship with her mother
  • Steal “The Roman Forum”
  • Set up a safe house in Detroit

Childhood Aspirations

  • Subvert the Market
  • Find more entrances and exits into the Hedge
  • Create or find the Hedge Time Watch
  • Be sought out for her Art
  • Make “friends”
  • Have my art up behind the teacher’s desk
  • Surrender further humanity for greater glory (Take the Fairest Seeming)
  • Learn the Contracts of Smoke
  • Attempt to map the Witch house
  • Feed Mr. Skittles skittles
  • Investigate the Goblin Market Crack Den at midnight
  • Figure out what that crazy old man was talking about
  • Get home from the Hedge
  • Borrow candy from the corner store
  • Make Mama a pretty Christmas gift
  • Explore the basement

Nicole "Nikki" Callaghan

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