Miroslav "Mir" Callaghan

Occult Investigator

Seeming: Darkling
Virtue: Patient Vice: Pessimistic
Clarity: 7 Willpower: 6
Defense: 3 Armor 0 Health 7
Speed: 10 Initiative 6


Mental Physical Social
Power Intelligence 3 Strength 2 Presence 2
Finesse Wits 2 Dexterity 3 Manipulation 2
Resist Resolve 3 Stamina 2 Composure 3


Mental Physical Social
Academics 2 Athletics 1 Animal Ken 1
Computer 1 Brawl 0 Empathy 2
Crafts 1 Drive 0 Expression 1
Investigate 2 Firearms 0 Intimidation 1
Medicine 1 Larceny 1 Persuasion 0
Occult 3 Stealth 3 Socialize 0
Politics 1 Survival 0 Streetwise 1
Science 0 Weaponry 1 Subterfuge 3


Academics History
Occult Superstitions
Stealth Crowds, Shadows
Intimidation Veiled Threats


Darkness 2
Spellbound 3
Hearth 2


Eye for the Strange 2 Effect: While your character does not necessarily possess
a breadth of knowledge about the supernatural, she knows
the otherworldly when she sees it. By perusing evidence she
can determine whether something comes from natural or
supernatural origin. Roll Intelligence + Composure. With
a success, the Storyteller must tell you if the scene has a
supernatural cause and provide one piece of found information
that confirms the answer. With an exceptional success,
she must give you a bit of supernatural folklore that suggests
what type of creature caused the problem. If the problem was
mundane, an exceptional success gives an ongoing +2 to all
rolls to investigate the event, due to her redoubled certainty
in its natural causation.
Library (Occult) 2 Effect: Your character has access to a plethora of information
about a given topic. When purchasing this Merit,
choose a Mental Skill. The Library covers that purview. On
any extended roll involving the Skill in question, add the
dots in this Merit.
Charmed Life 2 Effect: Once per scene if you would suffer an attack that would kill you or deal aggravated damage you can spend 1 Willpower to force the opponent to reroll the attack, even if you are unconscious.


Book of Tales – Once/story 1 glamor – can reroll a roll


Miroslav has always been a bit weird and had a love of all things occult. So it was natural that he just fell into the goth culture. As a younger child he was highly influenced by the fairy tales and fables of his heritage. He would take these things as fact and look for the magic in everything. He started doubting things as he grew older and felt that the magic was a lie. At least until recently…


  • Find out who’s shadow I have in a jar
  • Find the technical manual for Mr. Wilkens
  • Talk to Marco about his found schematics and see if Mr. Wilkens is interested in them
  • Find out where Eric is
  • Work with Nikki to get money to pay off Mom’s debt
  • Convince Mom to go to TX with Dad
  • Find Hedge and Alice Ruby in Rosebriar
  • Get time traveler blood
    * Get hired to do a job (occultist)
    * Go to the old house and see if there are ghosts there
    * Speak with his father about Alice Ruby
    * Gain access to the book with the quill
    * Find the quill of time
    * Obtain the Quill of Time
    * Learn the history behind the quill and the book
    * Find something else of interest in the painting (item or knowledge)
    * Find out the deal about dads fairy princess
    * Find out more about the book of ages and the quill of time
    * Talk to a ghost
    * Impress Jennifer with creepy goth stuff
    * Get more occult books
    * Learn more magic
    * Evade his bullies

Miroslav "Mir" Callaghan

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