Jennifer Conner


Back in 1996, Jennifer was a 13 year old Goth girl in 7th grade. She avoided interacting with anyone, even other Goths. She wore all black and dyed her normally reddish hair black.

In 2011 she dressed normally if plainly. She also carried a 9mm pistol at all times.


Miroslav broke through her shell. Jennifer apparently thought Mir and Eric’s fight with Chris and Marco was cool. She was impressed when Mir took her to investigate a haunted house.

She dated Mir for awhile until she glimpsed behind the Mask. He was able to calm her and they broke up. The trouble started when she called his sister Nicole “Nikki” Callaghan a freak. She was bullied into a Pledge, which she broke. In the end her insane sounding rants caused to her to be committed.

She became a monster hunter for a while but died at the hands of Feral Tom, Lord of Cats.

Jennifer Conner

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