Erin Cobbleflesh


A towering woman, Erin’s skin is a patchwork of different skin tones and scales. Grotesque but powerful, she serves as an enforcer for the The Guild of Shadows.

An early experiment of Dr. Salvador, Erin wanted be strong. With augmented muscles and a mix of fishy and human features, she looks like the child of Frankenstein and the Creature from the Black Lagoon. Scaly stitched on skin and cadaverous flesh.


Erin worked as the Queen of Shadows underlings and helped save many when Feral Tom, Lord of Cats destroyed the library. She then aided Miroslav “Mir” Callaghan stop Evelina McQueen and recover the Quill of Fate. She nearly died in the attack but Mir and Rocco pulled her to safety.

Erin Cobbleflesh

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