Eric McNeil


Eric was always an odd ball. Back in 8th grade, Eric had a reputation for violent behavior and all sorts of odd behavior. He dressed theatrically as a Goth and liked to scare people.

These days he dresses in priestly costume and lets his brownish hair show.


Eric was Miroslav’s friend and offered to help sneak him into the theater next spring to see the new Hellraiser movie once.


After high school, he dropped off the grid. Some people say he died or joined the army. No one really knew though.

It seems that he went into hiding. Learning that his friends where not human, he disappeared before he was targeted. He became a Catholic priest and errant monster hunter, then returned home intending to save his friend. By destroying the monster he has become.

He was rebuffed and then died at the claws of Feral Tom, Lord of Cats.

Eric McNeil

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