Feral Tom, Lord of Cats


Once Tom resembled a mangy bestial man with a dark hide, damp fur, sharp teeth, and a skulking gait. Now he has regains his true Seeming.

He is a majestic golden cat person with a royal bearing accompanied by swarms of sleek predatory cats. Well spoken, he claims dominion over all that he sees.


Feral Tom has served the Guild of Shadows since the beginning over 20 years ago. He seems to have known the Queen of Shadows or Evelina McQueen since before she lost her memory and has implied she sought the Book of Ages to rewrite history after her son’s accident.

He told them what he knew in exchange for Nicole “Nikki” Callaghan’s silence about his own failure to protect the children.

Now it turns out he was one of the True Fae, one of a race of powerful monsters that have been sealed away from the world. But he has been released and regained his full power.

He has crushed the Guild of Shadows and took the Tome of Ages. He hoped to become immune to cold Iron but the Quill of Fate was missing. Now both artifacts have disappeared. He returned to Arcadia to plot his next step and his revenge.

Feral Tom, Lord of Cats

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