Charlie Cobwebs


Short and skinny, Charlie’s dark hair sticks up odd clumps. Her rough dark clothes and brown eyes contrast with her pale skin. Her age is hard to tell.

Behind the mask her hair is closer to that of a spider’s and her eyes are black orbs. Wisps of cobwebs follow her around. The beat up jacket appears to be made of spun webs. Her torn jeans and sweater appear real though.


Charlotte Summers is a runaway from a foster family in central Ohio. She fled abusive adults in 1995 and found her way into the Hedge via an open air market in Columbus. Since then she has traveled the Midwest, trading what she could to get by.

In Detroit she was ambushed by Chrome-Tooth and his gang and taken prisoner. She was saved by Marco McQueen before they could eat her.

She has carved out a Hollow in the Hedge with a door to the Reichardt Apartments. She shares it with Marco when they are not at the house they share together with his father.

Rescued by Marco again from an asylum in Rosebriar, she is now engaged to him. The future is unwritten.

Charlie Cobwebs

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