Aiden Callaghan

Father of Miroslav and Nicole


A fair haired man with a winning smile, Aiden can win over anyone. A few minutes of boisterous conversation he can become anyone’s friend. He possesses a wide variety of stories and anecdotes which he loves to share.


Aiden says his wandering ways are the result of a fairy blessing given to him as a baby. He and his mother often tell the tale of how she almost lost him when she went into labor early while at work. A kind Samaritan helped deliver Aide (A fairy princess in Aiden’s tales by the name of Alice Ruby).

Aiden was named for his grandfather who came over from Ireland, a land which called to him in his youth. Aiden left home at early age as soon as he was done with school. He traveled to Europe and toured the United States.

He met Vadoma Shishkova on the road when they both were involved in the same play. They fell instantly in love. They traveled around the country acting and seeing the world until she became pregnant with Miroslav.

Then he sent her to his parents in Detroit while he continued to make money in his way. He visits as much as he can.

He left in a hurry though after New Years Eve 1995. A detective named Elias Brown was after him for some con jobs he pulled. Luckily his children misled the detective and Aiden remained free. Though he visits less often.

He and his wife now live in Austin, Texas.

Aiden Callaghan

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