The McQueens

Marco and Rocco’s family is torn by racism and broken relationships.

Notable members include:

  • Angelo Zerilli (Uncle, born 1958): a made man in the Detroit Partnership who tried to use Marco as a courier. He was sent to prison in 2003.
  • Angus McQueen (Grandfather, born 1932): Rory’s father, he is a widower who lives an hour away in a retirement home. His wife passed away in 1992.
  • Angus Walsh (Cousin, 1983)
  • Athony Zerilli (Grandfather, born 1930): patriarch of this branch of the Zerilli family, he was released from prison in 2000. He retains an iron grip on the criminal network.
  • Belinda Zerilli (Grandmother, born 1939): the matriarch of the Zerilli clan, she is horribly racist even to her grandchildren.
  • Evelina McQueen (Mother, born 1964): the black sheep of the Zerilli crime family and chronic drunk. She separated from her husband in 1993. Really she went missing in 1989. Her fetch is missing presumed dead. The real Evelina is the Queen of Shadows.
  • Felicio Zerilli (Uncle, born 1961): brother to Angelo and Evelina.
  • Content Not Found: fiona-walsh (Aunt, born 1960): Rory’s sister and only sibling still living in Detroit. She has three children.
  • Jennifer Walsh (Cousin, born 1989)
  • Kenneth Walsh (Uncle, born 1959): Fiona’s husband.
  • Maureen McQueen (Grandmother, born 1934, died 1992)
  • Michael Walsh (Cousin, born 1981)
  • Rory McQueen (Father): a workaholic mechanic and father of Marco and Rocco.

Mc queens

The McQueens

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