The Carnival of Horn and Ivory

A travelling carnival that doubles as a cover for a Changeling and Hob filled market, the Carnival does its roundd in the Northeast. It was last seen heading to Rosebriar.


Out of the tangled and dark woods a Ferris wheel covered in pink neon rises into the night sky. Amid the crickets and ominous rustle, calliope music can be heard and the smell of popcorn wafts in the air.

In a rough clearing in the Hedge a garish carnival both familiar and monstrous can be seen. Hobgoblins mix with normal seeming humans, market stalls mix with fair booths. The thorns of the Hedge press close and wind between the stalls.


  • Madam Cleo: an aged fortune teller.
  • The Clown “Mr. Happy”: once the gatekeeper of the carnival, he now runs the show. Pasty white pudgy skin with a red bulb of a nose, this Hob wears a purple top hat and an elegant suit of garish green and purple.
  • The Carnie Rides: these rusty metal rides seem innocuous as do the bland men and women who take tickets and operate them. But they are linked by articulated joints and cables. The carnies are as much metal as flesh and tendons and muscle wind through the machinery.
  • Mr. Skittles: is no longer here.

Other Attractions

  • House of Mirrors: boarded up and empty. The mirrors were sold off long ago.
  • Ferris Wheel
  • Freak Show
  • Night Ride
  • The Fortune Teller

The Carnival of Horn and Ivory

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