The Callaghans

Miroslav and Nicole’s family is thick with Irish and Romani storytelling.

Notable members:

  • Aiden Callaghan (Father, born 1956): works as a traveling actor. He sends money and the occasional souvenir back home. He is the black sheep of the Callaghan family.
  • Anna Callaghan (Grandmother, born 1935): she always has treats for the children but is less nice to Vadomma.
  • Anne Johnson (Aunt, born 1967): the recently married youngest sister of Aiden. She has two children.
  • Colleen Thomas (Aunt, born 1963): a prim and proper woman, she is the older of Aiden’s sisters.
  • Conor Callaghan (Grandfather, born 1930): he loves to give out dubious advice.
  • David Johnson (Uncle, born 1965)
  • Dylan Thomas (Uncle, born 1964): a reserved man, he moved out of Detroit in 1998.
  • Kazimir Shishkova (Great-uncle, born 1927): an old Russian war veteran who likes to tell stories of the motherland. He drinks a lot.
  • Lucya Shishkova (Aunt, born 1963): Vadomma’s younger sister, she is always in and out of love.
  • Mary Callaghan (ex-Aunt, born 1971): an unhappy woman with 5 children, she divorced Bill in 2006.
  • Nuri Shishkova (Grandmother, born 1936, deceased): called “Bebushka”, she lived in Boston.
  • Stefan Shishkova (Grandfather, born 1932, deceased): called “Dedushka”, he lived in Boston.
  • Vadoma Shishkova Callaghan (Mother, born 1960): the child of Russian Gypsies, she supports her children with odd jobs and selling holistic medicine.
  • William Callaghan (Uncle, born 1966): also known as Bill, he is a heavy drinker with a lot of children.


The Callaghans

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