Reichardt Apartments

Reichardt mansion

This decaying structure was built sometime around the turn of the century. Old Man Reichardt died sometime in the the 1930s (though some stories claim he never died) and the house was converted into apartments. Towards the end of his life, Reichardt was stuck in a wheelchair and an elevator was installed in the house. It is very old and squeals horribly when used.

It is rumored that Reichhardt’s ghost haunts the basement of the house.

Former residents included:

  • The Callaghns (1st floor South): Mrs. Callaghn, Miroslav, and Nicole
  • The Vaughns (1st floor North): Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn, Willow (4 years old), Benjamin (6 years old), and the twins Moreen and Kathleen (9 years old)
  • Mrs. Sanchez (2nd floor South): who has over a dozen cats but is rarely seen outside her apartment
  • The Gambols (2nd floor North): Mrs. Gambol, Everett, and Yvett
  • The McQueens (3rd floor South): Mr. McQueen, Marco, and Rocco
  • Charlie Cobwebs (3rd Floor North)

Later it was used as a hideout for the Red and their leader Evelina McQueen and her minion Ulf. Rigged with deadly traps, it was uncovered and penetrated by the motley.

Reichardt Apartments

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