We will mostly use the Merits as shown in the God-Machine Chronicle update. What follows are the alterations and additions to that.

Any merits with prerequisites of Academics or Science use Study as a replacement.

Outlawed Merits

These are Merits not appropriate for the Child characters:

  • Professional Training
  • Crack Driver
  • Anonymity
  • Barfly
  • Fame: not reasonable for this game
  • Mystery Cult Initiation: not reasonable for this game
  • Resources – but see Odd Jobs
  • Retainer – but see Guardian, Guardian Angel, or Pet

All Supernatural Merits except perhaps Omen Sensitivity, Theif of Fate or Unseen Sense

Modified Merits

  • Giant: the default size is 4, so this merit raises it to 5.
  • Small-Framed: the default size is 4, so this merit decreases it to 3. Also you suffer a -3 penalty to rolls to disguise yourself as an adult.

New Child Merits

  • Guardian 1 to 3: Someone is personally responsible for your safety on a day to day basis. This could an older sibling, a parent, relative, or perhaps a family friend. They are very protective (which can make them hard to avoid). 1 dot is a limited defender (perhaps they are old or crippled or maybe they have other duties) while 3 dots is a capable and active guardian with some combat experience.
  • Guardian Angel 4: A strange presence watches out for you. This could be a supernatural creature of some sort or Fate itself. If it is Fate roll Resolve + Composure every session and double the number of successes. The result is the number of bonus dice you can use in your rolls, or as penalties to characters in direct opposition to your character.
  • Mental Prodigy 1 (Prerequisite: Mental Attribute at 4, At Character Creation Only): you can raise 1 Mental Skill above 3.
  • Odd Jobs 1: you do chores and other odd jobs and so always have $10 to $20 dollars in your pocket.
  • Pet 1 or 2: you have a pet of some sort. It is a source of stability and judgement free friendship. If you spend 15 minutes playing with your pet, you gain a +1 bonus on your next Integrity roll. This bonus lasts until you roll or go to sleep. At the thrre dot level, the pet also is fiercely loyal and acts like a somewhat limited retainer.
  • Physical Prodigy 1 (Prerequisite: Physical Attribute at 4, At Character Creation Only): you can raise 1 Physical Skill above 3.
  • Prized Possession 1: you have a useful item that you have practice with for many hours. It provides a + 2 bonus to anything in its normal range of function and a + 1 bonus to rolls a bit outside its normal purview.
  • Social Prodigy 1 (Prerequisite: Social Attribute at 4, At Character Creation Only): you can raise 1 Social Skill above 3.
  • Team Player 1: you know how to work in a group. Once per session you may roll Presence + Empathy to grant the team you are working with a +1 modifier to their teamwork rolls for a scene.


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