Labyrinth of Paint


This painting seems to be The Roman Forum by Giovanni Paolo Panini. Supposedly painted in 1735, this 38.5 inch by 62 inch artwork rests in the Detroit Institute of the Arts.

But within the painting is another world. Acting as a gate into a pocket realm of the Hedge, it leads to series of interconnected realms, all in oil paints.

The Forum

The entry point, this scene moves as soon as the gate is opened. Here an entire city seems to expand beyond the bounds of the painting, a fictional Rome of the imagination.

The inhabitants here speak an accented Italian, though seem to manage English with the right inducement.

Shadow Country


Found by passing through the Arch of Constantine, this surrealist work is filled with gloomy figures and strange spectral horrors. Numerous headstone dot the grayness painted in stories.

Field of Paint

The vast expanse of bright reds, yellows and blues gives no clue to direction or location. This realm was sealed off however with copious amounts of paint thinner.

Labyrinth of Paint

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