House Rules


Based on Integrity and using the same rules (Except as noted below):

  • Cost is 2 Experience per dot (in line with other supernaturals).
  • Low Clarity leads to Social penalties with ordinary mortals as one’s insanity bleeds through. At Clarity 6-5 you are a little off and tend to react in odd ways, -1 penalty. At Clarity 4-3 you often see or react to things that aren’t there, -2 penalty. At Clarity 2 you often mistake the people around you for someone else, -5 penalty, At Clarity 1 where you think are and with whom is almost divorced from reality, chance die.
  • High Clarity enhances you perception of reality. At Clarity 8 or higher, gain a +2 bonus to Perception rolls.
  • Clarity is capped by the equation: Clarity + Wyrd = 10
  • Clarity functions like Integrity in all other respects


  • When raising Wyrd you can sacrifice a dot of Clarity to reduce the cost by 2 Experience.
  • Wyrd limits ones maximum Clarity by the equation: Clarity + Wyrd = 10
  • Each additional dot costing 5 Experience.

Seemings & Kiths

  • Beast (Hunterheart): treat attacks as 0L weapon.
  • Elemental (Manikin): Treat Artifice as an affinity Contract.
  • Fairest (All): -2 dice to Clarity rolls
  • Fairest (Dancer): gain dice to Dodge
  • Ogre (Gristlegrinder): bite is treated as 1L weapon.
  • Ogre (Stonebones): gain 1/2 Wyrd (rounded down) armor.
  • Wizened (All): add twice Wyrd to Dodge.



  • Hollow: uses the Safe Place rules. Size and Amenities aspects are dropped. Doors remain as is.
  • Mantle/Goodwill: see Courts below.


Cost 2 (affinity) or 3 (non-affinity) Experience per dot. The first four dots are free.


  • Mirror 4 (Oddbody): the natural weapon feature is treated as a 1L weapon.
  • Elements 2 (Armor of the Elements’ Fury): Treat the element as a (Wyrd/2 round down)L weapon
  • Element 5 (Become the Primal Foundation): Any armor is Wyrd/2 round down while damage is treated as a (Wyrd/2 round down)L weapon
  • Stone 5 (Red rage of Terrible Revenge): Armor is 1 per two successes.
  • Fleeting Spring 2 (Growth of Ivy): this can affect Aspirations and acting on this desire earns a beat.
  • Fleeting Spring 5 (Waking the Inner Faerie): this imposes a condition where working towards your desire earns a beat.
  • Fleeting Summer 2 (Goblin’s Malignance): this imposes a condition, acting on ones anger earns a beat.
  • Fleeting Summer 3 (Friendless Tongue): this imposes a condition, acting on ones anger earns a beat.
  • Fleeting Winter 4 (Fallow Field, Empty Harvest): this imposes a condition, failing a social roll due to this earns a beat.


They are abolished. Their contracts become non-affinity contracts available to all Changelings without restrictions. Their rolls are modified to Attribute + Wyrd.

See Guilds for the replacements:

House Rules

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