Children Rules

Children suffer some disadvantages and a couple bonuses when compared to Adults.


Children use the following table for Strength (Roll Strength + Stamina to accomplish a feat of strength, add success to their strength):

Strength Feat Lift
1 lift bowling ball 12 lbs
2 lift a small dog 25 lbs
3 lift a car tire 55 lbs
4 lift a large dog 100 lbs
5 lift a rocking chair 160 lbs
6 lift a public mailbox 200 lbs
7 lift a wooden crate 400 lbs
8 lift a teacher’s desk 550 lbs
9 lift a coffin 700 lbs

Also in contests with adults gain 8 agains on all rolls except Perception rolls. In combat their stamina is treated like armor against unarmed attacks.


Kids minds are resilient able to shift and adapt to new stresses and realities. Part of this comes from an outlet of play.

Play is an extended Composure + Wits roll. Each roll is 30 minutes. If 4 successes are generated then you gain a +1 bonus to your next Integrity roll (or until you sleep).

Play can be reading, playing board games, hide and seek, tea parties or whatever.

Possible Modifiers: Playground equipment + 3, video games + 1, board or card games + 2, props for pretend play + 1 to 3, art supplies + 3, playmates + 1 per additional participant, fatigued – 1, hungry – 1, injured – 1, frightened or in danger – 5


Bicycle: Durability 2, Size 6, Structure 8, Acceleration (greater of Strength or Athletics), Safe Speed (normal speed x 2), Max Speed (normal speed x 4), Handling 5

Skateboard: Durability 1, Size 2, Structure 3, Acceleration (greater of Strength or Athletics), Safe Speed (normal speed + 3), Max Speed (normal speed + 8), Handling 4

Children Rules

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