Character Sheet Explained

Most of the items on the sheet are easily explained and should be familiar.

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Virtue & Vice are pretty similar to normal except they can be anything. Virtue is your higher calling and satisfying it requires some effort on your part (Examples: Loyal, Ambitious, Just). Vice is basically your comfort zone and is much easier to satisfy (Examples: Pessimistic, Greedy, Ambitious). We will discuss this more at the character planning session.

Seeming, Kith, Guild: more important once we get into play but define what type of Changeling you are and whether you’ve joined their society.


Character Creation: You start with the standard 5/4/3 split of attribute points. Note if you want to be a prodigy (i.e. have a skill at 4+) you should make sure you have an attribute at in the corresponding category with a value of 4 or higher. Note the fifth dot does not cost double.


Study: This skill combines Science and Academics and also represents your skill at school work.
Drive: it is missing because you are children. Duh.

Character Creation: You start with the 9/5/3 split of skill points and 2 specialties (assuming we keep everyone even). You are capped at 3 dots in a skill unless you are prodigy (i.e. have an attribute in the same category at 4+ and possess the prodigy merit). Note the fifth dot does not cost double.

If we don’t keep everyone even then kids at 13+ get 10/6/4 points and those aged 10 to 11 get 8/5/3. The number of specialties remains the same.


I’ll write more on this later here Merits. But you start with 7 dots.


Children are size 4 (Children 13+ would be size 5) which affects your maximum health.

Children also suffer wound penalties more easily. See below:

5th to last -1
4th to last -1, don’t reroll 10s
4th to last -2, don’t reroll 10s
2nd to last -2, don’t reroll 10s, can’t spend willpower to add to rolls
Last -3, don’t reroll 10s, can’t spend willpower to add to rolls


Default size for a child 12 or younger is 4.


Speed is Strength + Dexterity + 4 (if 12 or less)


The lower of Dexterity and Wits plus Athletics.


This is the Morality Trait. You start off with 7 dots and we will work out together what sort of things lead to you risking Clarity loss.


These are short term goals for your character. Resolving these earns you a Beat. Examples include: getting a promotion, meet a ghost, replace your broken guitar. They can be longer term as well, in which case any significant progress in a given session earns a beat. Each character should have three.


These are temporary “effects” on your character. Typically they give a bonus or penalty of 2 dice to some class of actions. Most will be resolved when they come into effect. Resolving a condition earns beats (which lead to Experience).


Earn 5 beats to equal an Experience. You earn beats for fulfilling Aspirations, resolving Conditions, opting to take a Dramatic Failure instead of a Failure, taking damage your in one of your last three health boxes, good roleplaying, and the end of session.

Seeming Blessing & Seeming Curse & Pledges & Contracts

Not yet important.

Character Sheet Explained

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