Changeling Merits

These will be more relevant once play begins.

Brownie’s Boon (•)

For any mundane long term task, you can accomplish it in half the time if no one is watching you work. You can spend up to three Glamour as well, with each point halving the time again to a minimum of 1/16th.

Charmed Life (••)

Once per scene if you would suffer an attack that would kill you or deal aggravated damage you can spend 1 Willpower to force the opponent to reroll the attack, even if you are unconscious.

Dual Kith (•••)

You gain a second Kith. Note: I’m considering giving a second Kith for free at Wyrd 5. If so then you would trade this merit in for a discount on Wyrd 5.

Goblin Vow (• to •••••)

You have an innate connection to a very specific preview of the Wyrd (one such connection for each dot) and can craft pledges to it without another person as a witness or agent. These aspects need to be very narrow such as: jackals, mice, schools, moonless nights, 3 AM, or knives. Additionally pledges cannot include a sanction in their formation and must relate to the preview.
If a pledge is broken, you suffer a sanction equal to the level of the task +1.

Hedge Gate Sense (•)

You have a knack for finding Hedge Gateways. When trying to find one’s way out of the Hedge, you take half the normal time. Outside the Hedge you notice an active gateway with a reflexive Wits + Wyrd roll.

Market Familiarity (•)

Your character is a Market regular and has no difficulty finding or entering the Market except under unusual circumstances.

Market Sense (•)

The Goblin Markets are notorious for trading in anything, and while keeping track of currency exchange rates in the mundane world can be difficult enough, trying to translate how many enamored sighs a knife that glows in the presence of child molesters is worth is a Herculean task. While value is a relative term, those with the Market Sense Merit can generally tell whether a certain transaction is roughly equal or not. It doesn’t force a fair deal but it helps. Characters with this Merit receive a +3 bonus on any rolls made to see through cheating in a trade or to resist any powers that would interfere with the character’s perception of the deal’s fairness.

Second-Hand Skills (• to •••)

The character has aligned her destiny with that of someone who was skilled in a way the character is not. For a small tithe of magic, the character may gain access to this expertise. Upon purchasing this Merit, three Skills are chosen (generally corresponding to the Skills most used by the original owner). Once per chapter the character may spend 1 Glamour to gain a number of additional dots in one of those Skills equal to the dot value of the Merit, for the remainder of the scene. This Merit cannot raise the character’s effective Skill above 5.

Drawback: When benefiting from this Merit, characters often adopt some of the mannerisms or ideas of the fate’s original owner. This can case Social penalties equal to the dots in the merit.

Siren Song (••)

Your voice has an attractive quality to it that distracts those listening to it. All in earshot suffer a -2 penalty to actions while you are speaking. Unfortunately this ability is always active.

Changeling Merits

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