Aging Rules

Below are the guidelines for aging up to Adults. If you want a character sheet one can be found here.

Once complete, I’ll want to know what your final stats are.


Feel free to move a dot or two around here.


First off split any dots in Study between Academics and Science.

Second if you have more than a single dot in a skill, you can move a dot from it to another skill to represent different interests. For example, if you have Occult 3 and Politics 1 you can move a point from Occult to Politics (or even a skill you don’t have any dots in) but not from Politics to Occult. Feel free to change or move any existing specialties.

Third gain an extra 2 skill dots as well as an additional Specialty.


Gain 3 more dots of Merits.

Certain Merits are no longer valid.

Odd Jobs should become Resources. Pet should probably just disappear (though Mr. Skittles could become a retainer). Prized Item is superseded by the better equipment you have access to.

Feel free to reassign your merit dots to new things. If they were starting merits only that you couldn’t access earlier (like crack driver) you can pick them up now.


Finally you get 10 Experience on top of all of that.

Odds and Ends

Your size is now 5 by default so you get more health and move faster.

All preexisting conditions vanish.

Aging Rules

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