4th Grade

4th Grade Class

The 4th grade class of Spencer Academy is smaller than average, a victim of continued decline in the region.

Notable students:

  • Amanda Kelly: a smart, pretty and popular girl.
  • Everett Gambol: a troubled black kid with a rough home life.
  • Kelly Perrigan: a sickly 12 year old kid who has to get around on crutches.
  • Maeve Sheely: a good friend of Nikki and most of the other girls.
  • Melissa Murphy: good friends with Amanda and star of the soccer team.
  • Nicole Callaghan: the quiet would be artist.
  • Raven Rose: a black girl with a natural talent for art.
  • Rocco McQueen: a crippled genius hacker.

Notable teachers:

  • Mrs. Conner: a young and pretty teacher who has been rather distracted this year.

4th Grade

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