Tag: Dead


  • Evelina McQueen

    Evelina is the youngest daughter of Anthony and Belinda Zerilli. Her father was connected to the Detroit Partnership and was sent to prison two decades ago. She married Rory McQueen out of high school and had Marco soon afterwards. She was not a very …

  • Jennifer Conner

    Miroslav broke through her shell. Jennifer apparently thought [[:miroslav-callaghan | Mir]] and [[:eric-mcneil | Eric]]'s fight with [[:christopher-allen | Chris]] and [[:marco-mcqueen | Marco]] was cool. She was impressed when Mir took her to …

  • Eric McNeil

    Eric was [[:miroslav-callaghan | Miroslav]]'s friend and offered to help sneak him into the theater next spring to see the new Hellraiser movie once. !(media-item-align-center)//db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/assets/281148/EricOld.jpg?1389143163(EricOld. …

  • The Agent

    Once a man who made a deal for power with a magic mirror. Now that the mirror is broken, he is dead.