Tag: Changeling


  • Hedge

    Hedge knew about the future. He has a past with someone called the Slender Man. He claims to have thwarted "them". Now he is outside of his time, lost and insane. What is known now is that he rewrote reality using the Book of Ages and the Quill of …

  • Queen of Shadows

    The Queen of Shadows is one of the twin powers of the Night Market. Controlling the [[The Guild of Shadows | Guild of Shadows]], she also is a dominant force within the [[The Court | Court of Jewels]]. But as she will often point out, she is a much a …

  • Dr. Salvador

    She promised to make [[:rocco-maf10s0-mcqueen | Rocco McQueen]] able to walk again. The price was high but she was able to repair him. Or at least remake him.

  • Ruzena Yezhov

    Ruzena was sent by the [[:queen-of-shadows | Queen of Shadows]] to watch over [[:rory-mcqueen | Rory McQueen]] and his children. She came to love him in her own twisted way. But she is a Rusalka, a Russian fairy that leads men to their doom. She seems …

  • Erin Cobbleflesh

    Erin worked as the [[:queen-of-shadows | Queen of Shadows]] underlings and helped save many when [[:coyote-1 | Feral Tom, Lord of Cats]] destroyed the library. She then aided [[:miroslav-callaghan | Miroslav "Mir" Callaghan]] stop [[:evelina-mcqueen | …

  • The Agent

    Once a man who made a deal for power with a magic mirror. Now that the mirror is broken, he is dead.

  • Machinist

    This version of Marco was hurls back in time by the events of a prior timeline. What happened there is unknown except Marco took the deal from the mirror and [[:miroslav-callaghan | Miroslav]] likely did as well. Now he is here to help.