Quill of Fate


Sometimes called the Quill of Time, this artifact is said to have the power to rewrite history and forge lasting destinies. Some claim it was used to write the Declaration of Independence, others that it was used to bind one of the Seasonal Contracts.

It was hidden in the Labyrinth of Paint but retrieved by the motley who later destroyed it.


Rumors of the Quill have come down the Ages, generally in the drafting and signing of important documents such as the Magna Carta and the Declaration of Independence. Recent sightings of the Quill have been few since the end of World War II, ending in the late 60s. It was rumored to be in the possession of an artist known as the Blind One.

The Quill itself seems to have no origin point, or rather that the origin of the Quill has been written out of history. Its first recorded appearance is the 6th century as a tool of certain sorcerers and used in their dark pacts.

The powers of the Quill include the ability to create lasting contracts between two entities, this is its primary source of its power.

Quill of Fate

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