Book of Ages


A potent artifact, the Book of Ages chronicles the life of all who become associated with it, revealing their past and present. Only death can sever this connection. Thus possession of the book is highly contested as it allows one to learn the secrets of previous holders and associates of the book.

It was held by the Guild of Shadows, having been obtained by the Queen of Shadows at a high price. They hoped to use another artifact to rewrite the book, thus gaining ultimate control over their own history.

But Feral Tom, Lord of Cats stole the book and murdered much of the guild. He knows that the blood of the man who wrote it, Hedge, will unwrite it releasing the True Fae trapped within. Fortunately it was written out of existence before he could accomplish this.


The books origins are a mystery. It holds the tales of all who have encountered it, written in their tongue. The biographies go back centuries with writing wandering through Old English, Romance languages, Eastern scripts, Arabic, Latin, Greek, Egyptian and less identifiable scripts.

Rumors place the book in the Library of Alexandria, Medieval Monasteries, and other locations through history. The Queen retrieved the book from the Witch-House a couple decades ago.

Most oddly the book predates the appearance of the codex. The paper is magically preserved modern paper and it uses modern binding techniques.

Book of Ages

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