Yvett Gambol


Back in 1996, Yvett was a tiny black girl with braided hair and pink clothing. She had a troubled smile and coal black cat who follows her everywhere.

Black cat


Yvett was rumored to have been born deformed but no one is sure how. The little girl seemed normal enough and very sweet if a little sad. She was often seen tagging along her brother Everett or chasing after her cat Mr. Soot. She spent a lot of time over at the Callaghan’s when her mother is too busy (or drunk) to take care of her.

She was a student in Mr. Matthews’ class in 1st grade.

She was kidnapped by the Under-King but the Callaghan and McQueen kids rescued her. But the Under-King continued to send her disturbing and magical gifts and had her watched by his servant Ulf.

In the end social services saved, taking her from her troubled mother and sending her and her brother to Chicago where her father lived.

Yvett Gambol

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