A short barrel bodied figure with skin like scratched steel. His fair hair sticks out in spikes about his sneering face. True to his name, his teeth are jagged shining spikes. He plods about on short stocky legs or sometimes on all fours.


Chrome-Tooth hung out in Mo-Hedge scavenging the wrecks and forging them into talismans and other tools. He is particularly fond of Street Shark teeth and has collected all the teeth he can find.

He lives with a few other Changelings or Hobs: a stick like cook and a boy with skin like a bulldog, who might be called King.

He had a small Changeling named Charlie captive, presumably to eat. Marco McQueen saved her and then beat Chrome-Tooth bloody with a metal pipe.

A mortal suffered a similar attack at the same time. What is Chrome-Tooth’s connection to Christopher Allen? What happened to the ogre as Chris left his old ways?


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