Rory McQueen

Father of Rocco and Marco, Mechanic


A tall man with graying light brown hair, Rory keeps fit with his work at the garage. He is fastidious about his work and appearance.


The youngest of five children, Rory’s parents are Maureen (deceased) and Angus. Maureen passed away a couple years ago and his father has moved to an retirement home on the edge of the city. Most of his siblings have moved away except his sister Fiona.

He married Evelina Zerilli after high school. Their marriage was never stable. Between Rory’s work and Evelina’s drinking, their children, Marco and Rocco, grew up neglected and alone. When Rocco had his accident, it poisoned what remained of their love. Two years ago he kicked her out of the house and filed for divorce. She still hasn’t signed but Rory is doing his best to put her behind him. His son Marco recently acknowledged that he wasn’t to blame for what happened.

He throws himself into his work and puts long hours at his job, refurbishing old cars and trucks. in 1996 he briefly dated a woman named Ruzena Yezhov until she was revealed to be a serial killer.

He dislikes Angelo Zerilli and the rest of his criminal clan. In 2002 he almost had to take a loan from him, but his son helped the family business through that difficult patch. He knows his son is involved with the mob but trusts he has his reasons.

Rory McQueen

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