Rocco McQueen

Elemental Hacker


Alias: Maf10s0, AKA “L1v3 W1r3” AKA “Reactor” AKA “Captain Zap”

Virtue: Loyal Vice: Bitter
Clarity 5 Willpower: 4
Defense: 5 Speed: 10
Wyrd 1 Glamour: 6
Seeming: Elemental Kith: Leven Quick
Mental Social Physical
Intelligence 4 Presence 1 Strength 2
Wits 2 Manipulation 4 Dexterity 3
Resolve 2 Composure 2 Stamina 2
Mental Social Physical
Computer** 5 Empathy 1 Athletics 2
Crafts 2 Expression 1 Brawl 1
Investigation 2 Intimidation 1
Medicine 0 Persuasion** 3 Larceny 2
Occult 2 Subterfuge 2 (3) Stealth* 3
Politics 1 Survival* 2
Science** 2

Elemental Curse: Do not reroll 10’s, Manipulation, Persuasion, Empathy, Expression, Socialize
Elemental Boon: 1 point of glamour to increase health by Wyrd for one scene.
Kith: The player may spend one Glamour to add two points to both Speed and Initiative. The blessing lasts for one turn per dot of the character’s Wyrd.

Skill Specialties
Specialty Skill Merit
Standing Still Stealth
Hacking Computers
Hedge Survival
Misdirection Subterfuge
Programming Computers** PT
Fast talk Persuasion** PT
Virus Computers** PT
Merits Cost Effect
Allies 1 Future guild members
Brownies Boon 1 complete mundane extended action in 1/2 time when no ones looking
Contacts 2 Hackers, Cybercrimes
Eidetic Memory +2 to rolls to remember
Fast Talk 1: Always be closing 1 – 1 resolve/composure of someone defending against social
Fast Talk 2: 1 Bonus when you work specialty into conversation
Hedge Vechile 2 Vechile with token power
Professional training 4 +2 contacts, 9 again on Computer, Science & Persuasion, add dot + beats access skills raised
Resources 1 Has a little money
Market Sense 1 +3 to detecting when getting cheated
Parkour 2
Mantle 5

+ 1 to Subterfuge



Contract of Dream
Pathfinder ( Changeling: The Lost — Page 124 )

The first and most basic clause allows the changeling to divine the nature of the Hedge in a certain area. Pathfinder can find Hollows, trods, paths to and from Faerie and other details of the local Hedge, such as what sorts of goblin fruits grow there.

Cost: 1 Glamour

Dice Pool: Intelligence + Wyrd

Action: Instant

Catch: The changeling must have plucked a Thorn from the local Hedge and shed a single drop of blood while doing so within the last day.

Dramatic Failure: The Contract yields wholly inaccurate information about the Hedge, suggesting paths where there are none, marking poisonous fruits as beneficial or otherwise utterly confounding otherwise useful information.

Failure: The changeling learns no useful information about the local Hedge.

Success: For each success on the roll, the changeling learns a single pertinent fact about the local Hedge. In most cases, this information is just that — a statement about whether something exists. It doesn’t necessarily point out where a Hollow or pathway might exist, just the fact of its presence. The distance in which such information-drawing is effective is the changeling’s line of sight. Therefore, this power may be curtailed by a mysterious fog in the Hedge or a smoke cast by the Hedge’s burning.

Exceptional Success: As with an ordinary success, but the achievement of the exceptional success yields information about the location of features known to be in the Hedge.

Suggested Modifiers: The changeling has never witnessed the local Hedge before, as with visiting a new freehold or otherwise finding the “Hedge-scape” vastly different than what she may have expected (-1).

Forging The Dream ( Changeling: The Lost — Page 125 )

The changeling invoking this clause becomes as the director, cinematographer and editor of a movie, only the media in which she works is the dreaming mind of her subject. The changeling may literally change her subject’s dreams to depict whatever the changeling wishes, from bucolic idylls to lewd romps to harrowing tribulations. She may plague her subject with vicious antagonists or rain a cascade of rose petals down: The details are fully under her control. The only limitation is that the changeling may never depict the subject’s death, though she may certainly imply it. Crafting dreams in this manner is very much an art form among changelings. Some prefer to work with overt themes, while others use subtle symbolism and soft focus to create feelings more than literal episodes. Indeed, some changelings are so adept with dream-craft that they can provoke strong emotional responses from their sleeping subjects that they can glean Glamour from them. The changeling must be able to see her subject in order to use this power. She needn’t be in the character’s actual presence, however, and some changelings use this power on subjects they view via video cameras or even from painted portraits or still photographs.

Cost: 1 Glamour

Dice Pool: Wits + Wyrd

Action: Instant

Catch: The changeling must stand or sit beside her subject, touching her own temple and that of the dreamer.

Dramatic Failure: The attempt to manipulate the sleeper’s dreams fails and leaves the changeling discombobulated, unable to tell the real world from the dream he was attempting to shape. For the remainder of the scene, the changeling is unable to focus sufficiently to expend any Willpower. Further, the sleeper (eventually) wakes from sleep remembering a distinct image of the changeling, even if she has no idea what he might have been trying to do.

Failure: The Contract fails to function but otherwise involves no sign of attempted use.

Success: The character may edit the sleeper’s dreams and dictate their content, with the sole exception of depicting the sleeper’s death. Each use of this Contract works for a single, vivid dream, which the subject recalls distinctly upon waking. If one of the Fae is in the sleeper’s dream as well, the changeling must vie for control of the dream as usual.

Exceptional Success: No additional effect.

Suggested Modifiers: The changeling isn’t in the immediate physical vicinity of the subject (-1); The changeling knows the subject at least superficially, having exchanged words or introductions with him at least once (1); The changeling has a close, personal relationship with the dreamer (3).

The Contracts of Elementals
Cloak of Elements ( Changeling: The Lost — Page 138 )

This clause protects the Elemental from the natural manifestations of any single element. The changeling becomes comfortable in weather associated with this element and is protected against damage by its more extreme manifestations. A character protected from fire has no trouble walking through Death Valley at noon in Summer, someone protected from water remains warm and dry during the worst thunderstorm, someone protected from wood can walk through thorny underbrush unharmed and at a normal walking pace and so on.

In addition, the Cloak of the Elements protects the changeling against direct damage from the element in question. Against direct damage caused by the element in question, this clause subtracts one point of damage per point of the changeling’s Wyrd. Cloak of the Elements (air) would protect against damage suffered from being caught in a tropical storm or a tornado, while an earth-cloak would protect against thrown rocks or falling to earth, a glass-cloak would protect against cuts made by broken glass and so on.

However, the clause cannot protect against damage from objects created or modified with the intention of harming someone. The glass-cloak could shield its user against incidental damage from shards of fallen glass, but not against a beer bottle that was broken for the purpose of a bar brawl. A metal-cloak might protect against a fireplace poker, but not a sword or even a pipe that was detached for the purpose of serving as a weapon. The Cloak of the Elements lasts for a scene.

Cost: 2 Glamour

Dice Pool: None

Action: Instant

Catch: The changeling bears some symbolic representation of the element in question, such as a souvenir T-shirt depicting a mountain for the earth or a small mirror for glass.

Armor of Elements Fury ( Changeling: The Lost — Page 139 )

The character clothes himself in a frenzied and damaging manifestation of his chosen element, providing limited armor and damaging anyone who touches him. This Contract sheathes the character in fire, unnaturally cold ice, razor-sharp metal spikes, a crackling aura of electricity or something similarly dangerous. The character can control the extent of this manifestation, limiting it to her hands so she can attack others, start fires or cool drinks by touch, or she can completely cover herself with the element. This element does not harm the character or anything she is wearing.

Cost: 2 Glamour

Dice Pool: Dexterity + Wyrd

Action: Instant

Catch: The changeling touches the element when he invokes the clause. For ubiquitous elements such as air, the element must be fairly vigorous, that is, a strong breeze or the wind from a large fan.

Dramatic Failure: The element briefly harms the character, causing dice of lethal damage equal to the half the character’s Wyrd, which can be reduced by armor.

Failure: The character fails to call up the element.

Success: The character surrounds herself with a damaging manifestation of the element. The character does half of her Wyrd (round up) lethal damage by touch, and anyone or any object that strikes her suffers this same damage. The changeling cannot combine this attack with a punch or any other conventional brawling or melee attack. Instead, the character must use the element to attack the target. The dice pool for this attack is Dexterity + Brawling + half of the character’s Wyrd. This elemental sheath also provides the character with one point of armor useful against all attacks, including attacks by the summoned element. The character can cause the element to cover only a small portion of the character, such as one hand and forearm or her head, but attempting to reduce its size further causes the element to vanish and ends the Contract. Otherwise, the element surrounds the character for the next scene.

Exceptional Success: The character can maintain this effect until the sun next rises or sets (whichever comes first) and can summon or dismiss the element during this time without ending the Contract.

Suggested Modifiers: A large amount of the element is present when the Contract is invoked. For ubiquitous elements such as air, the element must be particularly vigorous, for example, a gale wind (+1); None of the element is present when the Contract is invoked (-1).

Control Elements ( Changeling: The Lost — Page 139 )

The changeling takes control of the element attuned to the Contract, causing the element to move and act in a directed fashion. A breeze blows in a specific direction, electricity in power lines turns on, off or surges to blow circuit breakers and wooden or metal chairs lurch slowly across floors.

Cost: 3 Glamour

Dice Pool: Manipulation + Wyrd

Action: Instant

Catch: The area is completely dominated by the element — air on top of a narrow bridge, water on a lake or ocean, fire in the middle of a forest fire, electricity at a substation or generator and so on.

Dramatic Failure: The element reacts in a wild, unpredictable and dangerous fashion for the next scene.

Failure: The character fails to control the element.

Success: The changeling successfully controls the element. The changeling must be within Willpower x 2 yards of the edge of the area of the element he wishes to control. The amount of element controlled can be determined from the table below. The character can shape any solid, gaseous or intangible element such as water, mist or fire into any simple form, making solid walls of water or hiding half a room in deep mist.

However, she cannot create a vacuum in a room that is not airtight or perform similarly impossible acts. The changeling can also cause non-solid elements to move at a Speed of up to 20. When the changeling is manipulating solid elements such as wood, stone or metal, inflexible objects can only lurch or hop along at a speed of one yard per turn. The changeling can also control the operation of any mechanical (but not electric or electronic) device made primarily of her element.

Objects that roll, or have joints, wheels or articulated legs can move as fast as a human with Strength and Dexterity both equal to half of the changeling’s Wyrd (round up). Flexible objects such as rope or wire can slither like a snake at a similar speed and can also trip or entangle anyone nearby. The material has an effective Strength equal to the number of successes rolled for purposes of tearing itself free of any containers or moorings; it is much easier to control a loose sheet of metal grating than to have metal reinforcements tear themselves free from concrete. Controlling electricity allows the changeling to control the operation of any electrical or electronic device that has access to a power source, even when turned off. This control including turning lights or alarm systems on or off and opening electronic locks, but not any sort of complex control.

The changeling cannot increase the amount or power of the element present, but can direct it to move in unusual ways. He can cause a fire to burn or leap in a particular direction, create a breeze that blows only in part of a room or cause electric current to turn off a device or even arc out from a socket and shock someone standing nearby. Elements such as fire and electricity can do damage, but only as much as the amount present can normally do. However, the changeling can direct the element to attack anyone within range. The changeling controls the element for a scene.

Successes Mass Volume (Liquid) Area (Gas or Intangible)
1 success 20 lbs. Milk jug 5-sq. yard area
2 successes 50 lbs. Gas tank 10-sq. yard area
3 successes 200 lbs. Bathtub 15-sq. yard area
4 successes 500 lbs. Average Jacuzzi 20-sq. yard area
5 successes 2,000 lbs. Large hot tub 30-sq. yard area


EXP Spent
Occult 1 2
Survival 2 4
Politics 1 2
Strength 1 4
Science 1 2
Larceny 1 2
Prof Training 3
multilingual 1
Resources 2
Brawl 1
Persuasion 1
Intimidation 1
Dusk 1 2
Total 29

Glamour: 7

Either begin a new relationship with his mom or get Rezina on board.
Get better at hiding his emotions.
Eliminate Blue Prints as a threat
Find Nikki’s Aspirations and cut a deal

Take a stand against a stronger person or authority
See my mom again
Move under my own power again
Figure out how deeply involved Marco is with the mob
“Eliminate” Rezina as a threat
Learn to defend himself

Long Term Goals:
Become a better person
Create a place for myself in both Changeling and Mortal Society
Be my own man and boss

Rocco McQueen

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