Queen of Shadows


A tall fair woman in black with curving horns. Though she often seems to take the forms of others, seemingly unconsciously, her eyes give her away with the unnatural greenish yellow color.


The Queen of Shadows is one of the twin powers of the Night Market. Controlling the Guild of Shadows, she also is a dominant force within the Court of Jewels. But as she will often point out, she is a much a servant as a ruler. The strictures of the Guild of Shadows and the needs of the Market constrain her.

It turns out however, according to her servant Feral Tom, she was once Evelina McQueen. She traded her memories for an artifact known as the Book of Ages. Hoping to rewrite her past and avoid Rocco McQueen’s accident, instead she lost everything.

Thanks to the motley she banished Ruzena Yezhov, making an enemy of her. She has also learned about her fetch and was taking steps to see it destroyed.

Now she recalls her past and seeks forgiveness. With her fetch defeated and the dangers of the quill and Book gone, she has a chance.

Queen of Shadows

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