Seemingly an old street preacher, the man (if he is a man) called Hedge claims to know much about magic and the supernatural. Maybe he is just crazy. And maybe he is from the future.

Behind the mask, his skin is pale, his hair streaked with white. The most unnatural features are his pointed ears and the way the darkness gathers around him.



Hedge knew about the future. He has a past with someone called the Slender Man. He claims to have thwarted “them”. Now he is outside of his time, lost and insane.

What is known now is that he rewrote reality using the Book of Ages and the Quill of Fate as well as a pact with Alice of the Ruby Throne, a True Fae exile. He removed the True Fae and cast himself back in time. His former friends were never turned into changelings and have lived happy productive lives.

Things did not work out so well for him. He found his place taken by an alternate version of himself. Now he lives homeless and mad.

Driven to get his happy ending he wanted the Quill of Time. He would kill for it. He’s killed for less. With it gone, he is lost again. But still dangerous.


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