Everett Gambol


Back in 1996, Everett was a skinny black kid who wore jeans and T-shirts. He tried to look tough look and emulate the thug lifestyle but it came off childish.

These days he keeps his hair in a crew cut and fills out his T-shirts with bulging muscles. He speaks with confidence and an air of command.



Everette had a reputation as a cocky kid who spends a lot of time with the local street gang. Everyone knew he has no guts however and he was frequently shaken down for cash. He was quick on his feet however and hard to catch if allowed to run.

He attended 4th grade with Nikki and Rocco where he regularly earned F’s.

He was picked up by the police in July 1995. Rumor has it his mother locked him in his room without food for three days. Apparently it was true because the authorities moved him and his sister to Chicago to live with his father.

He knows the Callaghan and McQueen kids know something about the time his sister went missing and the weird stuff that came after.

He knows they helped him and his sister get away from their abusive mother. In Chicago, things improved for both of them. Everett graduated from school with adequate and enlisted in the army. He is currently on his second tour.

Everett Gambol

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