Evelina McQueen

The Fetch of Marco and Rocco's Mother


Evelina kept her dark hair short lending her a somewhat older look than her short stature might otherwise give. She used to dress expensively but she didn’t always pull it off. By 2011, her hair was gray, aged before its time by decades of poor care. Shaky and doddering, she still kept a flask in her handbag.

Underneath her glamour, she was made of sawdust, twigs and marbles.


Evelina is the youngest daughter of Anthony and Belinda Zerilli. Her father was connected to the Detroit Partnership and was sent to prison two decades ago. She married Rory McQueen out of high school and had Marco soon afterwards.

She was not a very loving mother to her children and often neglected to them to hit the bar. It was when she was wasted that Rocco, her other son, had his accident and broke his spine falling down the stairs.

That when this version of Evelina appeared. After the real version stepped into the Hedge, this slightly drunker worse mother came out. A few more years of her bad behavior and Rory had enough. He kicked her out and filed for divorce. That was 1994. It took until 1998 that he finally managed to divorce her.

She claimed to have suffered a nervous breakdown occasionally sending word to them though her brothers Angelo and Felicio. Meanwhile she hid in an apartment across town.

In 1996 her children learned their real mother was the Queen of Shadows. The woman in the real world was really just twigs and magic bound up in human form.

That thing left its apartment by 2011. Until recently it was hiding in Reichardt Apartments. Driven from there, its gang was then wiped out by the Zerilli’s. It knew what it was and sought to destroy the Queen with Ruzena Yezhov’s help.

Somehow it survived and then managed to defeat the Queen and retake her place in the “family”. Miroslav “Mir” Callaghan led the The Guild of Shadows to destroy her and retrieve the Quill of Fate.

Evelina McQueen

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