Elias Brown


An average looking man in his thirties in a cheap suit who tries to charm you with his gray eyes and gentle talk. His dark hair matches his worn leather shoes.


Once an ambitious journalist, Elias was worn down by a lifetime of missed stories, lost recognition and tight expense accounts. Now working as private detective, he pursues cheating husbands and fraud to pay the bills. In 1993 he got a real case chasing a grifter working in New York.

Elias married in 1995 to an Alice Walker. He has parents in New York and a sister Sarah in Nebraska.

Elias Brown has been on Aiden Callaghan’s trail for years. Hired by a group of former victims of this conman, he has been trying to piece together the story of this grifter. New York City was his big break. They caught several of his compatriots and turned a couple of them (Kelly Hooker and Kid Twist). They told him the story of the mastermind and an ex-partner named Vadoma.

That led him to Detroit. He found his family and intends to lean on them until he gets his man. Unfortunately for him, he was mislead to Mexico thanks to the efforts of Aiden’s children and their neighbors. His backers stopped paying him and he had to return home in disgrace.

Elias Brown

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