Christopher Allen


A blond haired kid who always has the latest toys and clothes, Chris has that privileged air that is so foreign to Detroit.


The stepson of a rich doctor, Chris and his mother used to live in a large Victorian home on the edge of the school district. A bit of a bully, he became friends with Marco at Spencer Academy. He pretended to be nice to Marco’s brother Rocco only to set him up for some joke or pratfall.


After getting his ass kicked by Eric McNeil and his friend Miroslav Callaghan in December 1995, he was looking for payback. Over Christmas break he was attacked, beaten with a lead pipe by an unknown assailant. Marco convinced him that Eric and Mir were not to blame and he gave up on getting revenge.

This was a turning point for him as he and Marco gave up their bullying ways. While not a perfect person, he became a better one.

Now Chris is a cop in the Detroit Police Department.

Christopher Allen

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