Alice of the Ruby Throne

Mysterious good samaritan


The description by Aiden Callaghan is that of a blond haired woman with heterochromia iridum in a red cloak. The reality is a beautiful woman trying to live a normal life but trapped by flawed magic.


She was an associate of Aiden Callaghan and the fairy princess who blessed his birth. She also is Alice of the Ruby Throne, a True Fae who escaped being sealed away due to the fact she helped seal the deal that caused it. She is the girl Alice who saved her town from a terrible drought in the 19th century. She has been human, Changeling, True Fae, exiled, and dead. Now she is none of the above.

For the past three centuries she has lived in Rosebriar, endlessly looping from her teenage years to young adulthood. She thought she could become mortal if she just did the deal right a second time. But Hedge lacks the power and the quill has been unenchanted. She must find another way.

Alice of the Ruby Throne

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